Schuchart Tops Grandpa’s Season Wins Total

Logan Schuchart (left) beat grandfather Bobby Allen's single-season wins mark on Saturday night. (Jacob Seelman photo)

ALGER, Wash. — Bobby Allen’s best single-season victory total with the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series was five, but the family record has increased by one.

Allen’s grandson, Logan Schuchart, grabbed his sixth victory of the season Saturday night at Skagit Speedway.

Schuchart tied grandpa with victory No. 5 the previous night at the three-tenths-mile oval.

“That’s pretty good,” said Bobby Allen, who owns the No. 1s Shark Racing machine his grandson drives. “I’m glad for him. He’s doing good. He’s doing a good job of setting the car up. He’s thinking good and driving good.

“We had a little trouble at Eldora with the motor stumbling. We think we got that cured and I think that’s helping us because I noticed he took off hard on the restarts and that made it hard for Sweet to slide him on the start. So, I’m happy about everything right now.”

Allen was especially happy about winning $8,000 Friday night and $15,000 Saturday night. It goes a long way for the two-car operation, which includes Allen’s son, Jacob.

“It definitely helps,” Allen said. “What we do is we go into the hole pretty deep. Drydene is a big help, but we go into a hole pretty deep, and after Knoxville we start paying our bills off. We’re getting close to getting them all paid off and starting to work on next year.”

To Schuchart, having his grandfather by his side while he accomplishes his goal means a lot to him, he said.

The performance he and his Shark Racing team have had this year is exciting, too.

“To say I’m proud of them is an understatement,” Schuchart said. “Everybody from the top down that’s a part of this, that’s helped from the beginning, I know they’re all smiling in Pennsylvania. It’s pretty cool.

“We just want to keep the momentum going. We want to build with it. Keep building this team up to where it can be the best and eventually win a championship. The last couple weeks showed we’re working toward that goal.”


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