Montgomery Masters Santa Maria


SANTA MARIA, Calif. — Taking the lead on the 12th lap, Kaleb Montgomery fought off point leader Tristan Guardino, Ryan Timmons, Brody Roa and T.J. Smith to score his first career victory at Santa Maria Raceway.

Piloting the family owned No. 3 Mission Country Properties / David Crye Maxim, Montgomery became the 52nd winning driver in USAC West Coast Sprint Car Series history.

Smith, J.J. Ringo, Timmons and Trent Carter followed Kaleb to the checkered flags.

Guardino posted his fourth career Woodland Auto Display Fast Time Award with a time of 13.894 seconds over the 15-car roster.

After mechanical issues resulted in a 10th-place finish in the feature, Guardino clinched the series championship.

The finish:

Feature (30 laps, with starting positions) 1. Kaleb Montgomery (4), 2. T.J. Smith (8), 3. J.J. Ringo (5), 4. Ryan Timmons (1), 5. Trent Carter (12), 6. Brent Owens (9), 7. Koen Shaw (11), 8. James Herrera (14), 9. Brody Roa (3), 10. Tristan Guardino (6), 11. Austin Ervine (15), 12. Nick Diani (13), 13. Slater Helt (10), 14. Brandon Wiley (2), 15. Hannah Mayhew (7). NT



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