Coons Is Mid-America Week Passing Master

Coons Is Mid-America
Jerry Coons Jr. passed the most cars during USAC's Mid-America Midget Week. (Mark Coffman photo)

SWEET SPRINGS, Mo. – With a total of 25 total cars passed throughout Mid-America Midget Week, Jerry Coons Jr. picked up the ProSource Passing Master Award.

Coons, from Tucson, Ariz., advanced from 15th to fourth on Tuesday at Oklahoma’s Red Dirt Raceway, before going from 10th to fifth at Nebraska’s Jefferson County Speedway on Friday.

He was steady and finished fourth after starting from that position on Saturday at Jefferson County, before hauling forward again from 16th to seventh Sunday night at Missouri’s Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex.

Coons overcame a six-pass deficit in the finale to grab the cash, a $200 bonus from award sponsor ProSource.

Despite his dexterity at moving through the field in recent events, Coons is still seeking his first USAC national midget feature win of the season.

He’s hoping to break a drought that extends back to Sept. 25, 2010, when he won the Midget portion of Eldora Speedway’s 4-Crown Nationals for his 19th and most recent victory with the NOS Energy Drink-sponsored, USAC-sanctioned series.

Final Standings – ProSource Passing Master, Mid-America Midget Week

1. (25) Jerry Coons, Jr.
2. (23) Tyler Thomas
3. (21) Chad Boat
4. (18) Zeb Wise
5. (15) Daniel Robinson
6. (12) Chris Windom, Jonathan Beason
8. (11) Logan Seavey
9. (10) Tyler Courtney, Matt Sherrell
11. (9) Curtis Spicer
12. (8) Hank Davis
13. (7) Joe Boyles, Chad Frewaldt, Casey Hicks
16. (6) Cole Bodine, Robert Dalby, Shannon McQueen
19. (5) Tanner Carrick, Jason McDougal, Brady Bacon
22. (4) Andrew Layser, Ethan Mitchell
24. (3) Tucker Klaasmeyer, Jesse Colwell
26. (2) Kevin Thomas Jr., Lance Bennett, Olivia Bennett
29. (1) Sam Johnson, Andrew Deal, Tyler Seavey
32. (0) Tanner Thorson, Cannon McIntosh, Zane Hendricks, Holley Hollan, Steven Shebester, Karsyn Elledge, Andrew Felker, Grady Chandler, Frank Flud, Tyler Seavey, Emilio Hoover, Curtis Jones, Shaun Shapel, A.J. Valim, Blaze Bennett and Gunner Ramey


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