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Fuel Tip

TECH TIPS ARCHIVE: A Few Fuel Pointers

In this feature, Kelly Westphal will show how to set high-speeds, low-speeds and idle bypasses, and explain how they work.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Tech Tip, Front End

This month, our discussion centers around how to build a front end and how to square it in the car.
Fuel Cell

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Tech Tip, Fuel Cell Bladders

This month, we're talking about fuel cells and how to maintain and properly store the bladders and shells.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Tech Tip, Brake Bleeding

Last season I fought many different brake problems, and let me tell you, in my opinion there’s nothing worse!
Tech Tip

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Tech Tip, Bird Cage Timing

This month I am going to cover a little bit about bird cage timing.
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VIDEO: Charlene Meents Memorial Highlights

Check out highlights from Sunday's POWRi National Midget League Charlene Meents Memorial at Belle-Clair Speedway, won by Logan Seavey!


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