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HOLLAND: DirtrackR

A brand new website covering dirt track racing went live on the internet recently. The website is called DirtrackR, and it covers all forms of dirt track racing. The website focuses on news and information from around different sites...


When former racers spend time reminiscing about their careers, it is uncanny how many of them are drawn to stories about the race that got away. Some are tales of unbelievably bad luck, such as an errant rock hitting...
Doug Auld

AULD: The Off-Season

Previously in this column, I have questioned what effect it might have upon our sport to have an off-season. And, I’ve not been alone in pondering that question. Our own Pat Sullivan previously penned (or computered) an excellent column...

SULLIVAN: World In A Bubble

Just before the driver’s meeting for the USAC National Midget Series race at Ocala, Florida, Levi Jones was carefully studying something on his telephone. Noticing that I was standing next to him, he turned and said, “This virus thing...

OLSON: The Twilight Zone

“What a Difference a Month Makes” was a popular song that often played on my transistor radio when I was young, and how true that statement is today. A month ago, when I last wrote my monthly address to...

BACON: What’s The Key?

What makes a particular race an “event”? There are limitless opinions on the subject and they usually come up frequently in January and August. Personally, I don’t think there is any certain recipe that creates a marquee event, but...

SULLIVAN: The Penske Factor

I was in the infield, closely watching Roger Penske as he was being honored as the Grand Marshall for the running of the Chili Bowl. He had a look on his face I have seen before. His mind was...
Doug Auld

AULD: John Andretti

It was April of 2017 when the news broke, and the diagnosis wasn’t good. John Andretti was battling stage 4 colon cancer, and the outcome appeared bleak. He began chemo and radiation treatments and, while in the midst of a...

BACON: Fine Dining On The Road

When you are travelling up and down the road – whether it be solo, with a crew, or a family – stopping for a meal is a highlight of the day. Get out, stretch your feet, and grab a...
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Ballou Continuing Recovery, Will Miss USAC Opener

Robert Ballou, the 2015 USAC AMSOIL National Sprint Car Series champion, continues to recover from an arm injury suffered last year that will force him to miss the season-opening races this week at Florida's Bubba Raceway Park.


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