With a NASCAR modified title in 2010, followed by a USAC pavement series championship the following year, surely his phone was ringing constantly.

Instead, silence reigned.

No reasonable offers have come. Unlike so many who offer a toned down response, or take an overly philosophical look at the matters at hand, Santos doesn’t hold back, nor should he. So, when asked if the lack of opportunities gets under his skin, he says, “Yeah, honestly it does. I see those people running in the highest level in NASCAR and Indy car, and especially in NASCAR. When they say they have the greatest drivers in the world, that’s a huge joke. Maybe there are 10 of the greatest drivers in the world, but not 40. I will put some of the guys in the modified and Silver Crown field up against those guys any day.”

Then, to add insult to injury, USAC withdrew from pavement racing in the sprint and midget series. That was particularly disappointing. “I was extremely frustrated,” Bobby says. “I don’t know all the history of it, but what made the Jeff Gordons, the Tony Stewarts and the Jason Lefflers so great was that they were good at multiple disciplines. They could win on dirt and pavement, and they could win in midgets, sprints and in a Crown car.

“In my opinion, there has not been a National sprint car champion since they got rid of the pavement. That’s just my opinion. I won a pavement sprint car title, and I put an asterisk by that. I mean, I’m a good pavement driver. There were guys I thought were good pavement drivers and guys I thought were good dirt drivers. Then there were those guys like Bryan Clauson and J.J. Yeley who were good at both. That was impressive. It was a bummer when it went away.”


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