HOLLAND: Helping Teams Online

Allan Holland.

2020 is going to be a year we all are going to remember, even though we all will probably just want to forget it. Almost every aspect of our lives has changed, due to multiple reasons, and the chance of hitting the reset button and returning to where we were before 2020 is not going to happen easily, if ever.

As we all know, due to the coronavirus, sprint car racing has been run differently all over the country. Almost every state handles it differently, from some states with no changes at all to others with tracks never even opening the gates during the 2020 season.

Sprint car racing hasn’t happened at all in a few states, and some tracks have run a few shows with not a single fan in the stands. In some parts of the country everything is business as usual, with some tracks even adding more shows to their end-of-season schedule on very late notice.

It isn’t easy keeping track of scheduling at all with shows getting canceled and added within a few days of actually happening.

It has been a difficult year for the touring sprint car series to keep their schedule full and without a lot of excess travel between events. Some series have booked weekend dates three times, with the first two times getting cancelled.

With many of the big multi-day shows getting cancelled and many fans not attending as many shows this year, I’ll bet the apparel sales of the drivers and teams is way down from other years. When you are watching a race live on your computer or television, you can’t walk down to the pits and purchase your favorite driver’s T-shirt or cap. When you see the victory lane shots with the completely empty grandstands, you know there are a lot of people not making any money right now in this sport.

Those of you that are sitting in the stands at a track can still spend some cash on some lucky driver, but those of you at home can’t. The teams and tracks are used to
generating income from apparel sales at the tracks, and with some tracks not open, or not allowing fans in, or not allowing them in the pits, this is not happening.

What we can do, though, is check out a few drivers’, manufacturers’, apparel makers’, tracks’, or parts suppliers’ websites and see what kind of apparel we can have sent right to our door. I’m sure they would all appreciate if we would purchase something from their websites to support them, especially during the off-season.

You will find some that don’t have websites or may not have apparel, but many of them do. If you look around at some of the driver and manufacturer websites, you will find some cool shirts available and easily bought through PayPal.

It may not sound like much, buying one shirt but, if enough sprint car fans do it, I believe it could really help out some driver or business that just may need it in these crazy times right now.


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