HOLLAND: DirtrackR

Allan Holland.

A brand new website covering dirt track racing went live on the internet recently. The website is called DirtrackR, and it covers all forms of dirt track racing. The website focuses on news and information from around different sites on the internet covering sprint cars, but also late models and modifieds.

The site was started by Justin Fiedler, and I actually don’t know how he found the time to build and maintain it. Justin is on the pit crew for a NASCAR team, which keeps him busy practicing during the week and then racing on weekends. He is also the web design man for the World Racing Group, maintaining all of their many websites. He also co-hosts the Open Red podcast on the World of Outlaws’ site with Ross Weece. They usually host an Open Red podcast once each week, where they interview all sorts of people involved in sprint car racing.

After all of that, and raising a family, I don’t know where he found the time. After chatting with him, though, I discovered how he did it. Justin created a program that runs a bot every 15 minutes to scan the internet racing websites, and posts links to each article in particular boxes on his site. As the name implies, the dirt tracker looks for the latest YouTube videos, podcasts, news, and releases from dirt racing sites.

None of the articles are posted on the DirtrackR site. The tracker just creates a link to where the article is posted. It is a unique idea, since I have been doing a website manually for over 20 years. He doesn’t actually have to post anything himself. He only has to go into the site to make additions or changes to the look of the site itself.

It works well today, since there is a lot of information posted all over the internet daily. It is funny where this technology has gone, because when I first started some results were still being faxed to me. Thankfully, that technology isn’t much in use anymore.

Justin has many different sections on the site, linking to as much information as his dirt tracker can find, and it’s listed by date it was posted. There are links to the latest podcasts, YouTube videos, point standings, and more, all from multiple sites. He also does a daily podcast himself, and has those podcasts all archived to listen to as well.

DirtrackR is a totally different way of operating a racing website, and I think it is going to work out well for Justin. Even while he is changing tires at a NASCAR race, his website will still be updating itself with everything it can find on the internet. It is a little like a self-running version of Google looking for the latest dirt track information. Check it out at www.dirtrackr.com


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