ELLIS: Nobody Asked Me, But…

Bruce Ellis
Bruce Ellis.

Unless there is concern about a short sprint car field, it is time to stop scheduling support divisions at World of Outlaws and All Star races.

If Aaron Reutzel joined the World of Outlaws, he would likely be a top-five driver in his first year on the tour and win his share of races.

Barring a rain delay, a power failure or some other act of God, allowing an hour to elapse between the B and the A is totally unacceptable.

In less than a year, specifically from Sept. 28, 2018 through July 27, 2019, Scelzi won races at Williams Grove Speedway, The Dirt Track at Charlotte, and Knoxville Raceway.

Only a select number of drivers have won at those three places in their entire careers and Scelzi accomplished it several months before his 18th birthday.

Watching cars go around a race track never seemed as interesting to me as the men who drive them, work on them, or pay for them.

It’s unfortunate that too often the dash draw is the most important event of the night.

Race fans have proven that they don’t mind spending $40-$50 for a ticket to watch sprint car drivers race for at least a $50,000 winner’s share. It’s a far more daunting task to get them to spend $15-$20 to watch drivers race for $3,500-$4,000 to win.

The best sprint car drivers in the world race with the World of Outlaws, but not all of the best drivers in the world race with the World of Outlaws.

At any entertainment venue, the tickets didn’t cost too much if the seats were filled.

If you remember when Skylar Gee’s father, Tim Gee, was a regular with the World of Outlaws, you’ve been around sprint car racing for a while.

Imagine the record Jason Meyers might have compiled had he not walked away from the sport while still in his prime.

Ditto for Lynn Paxton.

I can understand why so many race fans love dirt late models. At its highest levels, dirt late model racing is quite a show.

According to the World of Outlaws website, 333 different drivers earned points with that organization in 2019. Considering all the drivers who didn’t race with the Outlaws last year, we’ve got a lot of sprint car drivers out there.

Whatever happened to Cody Darrah?

In a few years, GM will phase out the Camaro again. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a market for sleek, performance coupes these days.

With so many sprint cars having the best of everything, the driver must be more important than ever, because some drivers are winning a lot more than others.

Ricky Warner, the crew chief who helped Donny Schatz to so much success, is Hall of Fame eligible. Maybe next year.

I feel very fortunate to have witnessed the racing endeavors of Steve Kinser, Sammy Swindell and Doug Wolfgang when all three were in their prime.

I find Auto Stop, which shuts off a car’s engine when stopped in traffic or at a stop sign or red light, very annoying and usually disable that function. In my opinion, the savings in gas isn’t worth the annoyance.

I just read somewhere that the Jackson Nationals will pay $100,000 to win. I wonder who will be next to offer $100,000 to win a sprint car race.

If you should have the opportunity to watch a sprint car race from a climate-controlled, glass-enclosed luxury box don’t do it, because you may never want to sit outside in the dust, the wind, the heat or the cold ever again.

I prefer fast food places that call your number rather than your name when your order is ready.

If you haven’t been to Port Royal Speedway in the last 10 years, the next time you go you may not recognize it because of all of the improvements that have been made there.

Sometimes I think point funds for weekly sprint car tracks are a waste of money. With some thought, that money might be put to better use to get racers to support those weekly tracks.

Both Williams Grove and Selinsgrove offer a wide variety of pre-race dinner stops within minutes of each speedway.

Pennsylvania has one of the highest gas taxes in America and some of the worst roads, although there has been some improvement lately.

Race fans in the Keystone State will stay home if it’s too cold in the spring or too hot in summer, but they will brave the weather for those big, season-ending, fall specials.

I don’t think Jimmy Cannon would ever accept excessive dust at a sprint car race.


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