Editor’s Note: Cannon McIntosh, 16, is competing in his first full season in the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League, as well as running select races in the NOS Energy Drink USAC National Midget Series.

McIntosh will be sharing his racing experiences with Sprint Car & Midget subscribers while competing throughout the season behind the wheel of the Dave Mac Motorsports, Toyota-powered No. 08.

Below is his newest diary entry, recapping Sunday night’s POWRi-sanctioned event at Kansas’ Homboldt Speedway and looking ahead to a weekend off to reset and recharge for he and his team.

HUMBOLDT, Kan. – It was a rough, rough weekend for us as a team in Middle America.

We had really high hopes going into the week, but after having our win stripped Friday night at Valley and then going through two straight nights of getting collected in crashes on Saturday and Sunday, it ended up being a rocky road that kind of kicked us in the teeth a bit. We’re not giving up, though!

I’ll say this, just being able to get to go and race at Humboldt on Sunday night was really cool. The track owner actually called POWRi and said he wanted us to be able to race, no matter if he was making or losing money on the deal. He just wanted us to have a place to compete, and there’s not many people out there who would be willing to take on that kind of a gamble. I know we all appreciated it greatly.

He wanted us to have a great track to race on, and you could tell that from the amount of work that the track workers and officials put into making it as good as they could. In the heat races, the surface was definitely a bit used up, but they reworked it before the feature and it ended up being a great track.

I wish I could have enjoyed the feature more, but I ended up wrecked on the first lap and back at the trailer for an early end to my night. I did watch the race, though, and it seemed to be really entertaining.

There wasn’t a lot I could have done on that first lap. I had made sure there was some space for myself, because I knew I didn’t really want to follow (anyone into the corner), but Holley (Hollan) got sideways in front of me and there was nothing I could do. I had to check up and got hit from behind.

I think we would have been fine, if not for the five or six cars that came in after me. We got hit at that point and it bent the headers and put a hole in them. I had to pull off to the work area and the team worked hard, but they couldn’t get them changed in time and it ended our night after that.

Right now, we’re definitely in a bind, just from what’s been going on. We know that we’re one of the cars that is capable of being up front every night, and we just haven’t shown the results that we need to show.

We should be winning races and right now we’re down a path that’s been a bit out of our control, but has us in a rough hole in points, sitting back in ninth in the standings.

We just need to find a rhythm and get something going so we can turn this team around. It revolves around being ready to go right from the green flag, and that’s going to be our goal going forward.

A lot of teams might be happy to have this coming weekend completely off, and in a way we are too, because it does allow us to regroup as a whole, but as a racer I want to get right back out there and get right back on the track to shake this off.

Next time we’re on track, we’ll be ready to go. I’m as motivated as ever and I’m hoping this bad luck is over.

We’ll see everyone in a couple weeks!


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