Driver Diary: Midwest POWRi Double Ahead For Love

Driver Diary: Midwest POWRi
Jesse Love (97k) battles Andy Malpocker earlier this year at Belle-Clair Speedway. (Mark Coffman photo)

Editor’s Note: Jesse Love, 14, is a multi-faceted driver, competing in his rookie season in the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget League, as well as in 360 winged sprint cars and pavement midgets.

Love will be sharing his racing experiences with Sprint Car & Midget subscribers while competing throughout the season. This weekend, he is driving the Keith Kunz Motorsports No. 97k Toyota-powered midget, seeking his first POWRi national midget victory.

Below is his newest diary entry, previewing this weekend’s pair of POWRi events at Belle-Clair Speedway and Macon Speedway.

Jesse Love Mug
Jesse Love.

BELLEVILLE, Ill. – We’re gearing up for a doubleheader this weekend back in the midget, and I think the consistency we’ve started to build as a team is only going to help us.

I feel like we’ve been progressing really well so far this year. I’ve learned a bunch of new lessons just from the starts I’ve made in the car, and we’ve already been on the podium once, so that’s something that gives me confidence as a driver going into the weekend.

That’s the biggest thing, is that I know we know how to perform well. I’ve also been to Little Belleville (Belle-Clair) before, so I know the track and know how it races, as well as have an idea already of what I’ll need out of my car in order to be successful there.

The last time I was at Belle-Clair, I knew right away that it was going to be a really fun track and really race. I actually watched Logan win the first time I was there, even though it was on the bottom for most of the night and not quite how it normally is there.

We showed some good speed the last time we were there, though. I enjoy the smaller tracks and I think with the lessons I’ve taken in throughout the rest of the season, we can put together a couple of really strong 30-lap runs this weekend.

The only bad news is that I haven’t actually turned a lap at Macon yet, because the last time we were there we got rained out before we could get going (during Illinois Speed Week). I’m not too worried, though, because I know the KKM guys will give me a fast hot rod and I believe we’ll have a shot to take home a trophy this weekend.

Just because I think we’ll be solid off the trailer, though, doesn’t mean that accomplishing our goal of parking it in victory lane is going to be easy. Even in the POWRi world, there’s a lot of stout competition right now, and that starts with my Toyota teammates, like point leader Jesse Colwell, Daison Pursley and Holley Hollan.

We’re definitely going to have our work cut out for us. We did podium behind Tucker (Klaasmeyer) and Logan (Seavey) before, so I feel good about that, but this weekend is a new show and we can’t take anything we did before for granted. We just have to attack.

Some people might say that it’s hard to gauge where we’re at as a team right now because we’ve had so many rainouts and haven’t had much track time as a group so far this year, but I feel like we’re close to where we need to be. We have the speed, we just have to close out races when we have it.

I know we still have a long way to go, but I’m excited and comfortable with how this year has gone and I’m excited to sling some dirt this weekend again! Going from the late model back to a midget isn’t so much of a transition anymore, because I’ve driven both cars long enough now to know what I need out of each one right off the trailer, I feel like.

We’ve got two days to make something happen, so we’ll see how it goes and I’ll see everyone at the race track!

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