DOTY: The Classic is Rescheduled

Brad Doty

Unfortunately, the 2019 World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink-sanctioned Ohio Logistics Brad Doty Classic presented by Racing Optics at Attica Raceway Park was rained out on July 16.

I guess no one was too surprised, with all the record-setting rainfall all around the country this summer. It’s been well-documented, including in one of my past columns, that we lost our rain date this year, which was typically the following day.

After we rained out, we looked into rescheduling the race for two weeks later, which would have been Tuesday, July 30, but we were told the World of Outlaws teams have that week off to get ready for the Ironman 55 in Pevely, Mo., and the Knoxville Nationals.

That wouldn’t have given us much time to advertise it and, being a Tuesday night race with no other races scheduled that week, fans most likely wouldn’t have traveled from very far for just one race.

The reason the original Tuesday night date works is because our race has been on the WoO schedule, and right before the Kings Royal, for years, and fans have become accustomed to it and many take the week off from work to come in and see races at both Attica and Eldora.

The WoO series isn’t back in the Ohio area until September and, even then, there was no weekend date available to reschedule around that time.

A weeknight race in September is totally different than a weeknight in July. School is back in session, so families and their kids aren’t as willing to make the effort to go see racing when there is homework to be done and sports practice to get to, not to mention having to get up the next day to get to school.

Also, by that time of the year, fans just aren’t as gung-ho to go see racing after they have spent the entire summer traveling to and from race tracks.

We had a possible option of a Friday night WoO race in October but that, of course, is even later than September, and I already mentioned why September isn’t the optimal time for a makeup date. Also, Attica Raceway Park is shut down by October, and we would have to go up against Friday night football.

Any race track or promoter will tell you that competing against high school football is generally a no-win situation.

ARP has run the “Attica Ambush,” a two-day Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions race for years, and this year it’s scheduled for Aug. 3-31. ARP promoter John Bores, Director of Operations Rex LeJeune and I decided that this would be a good weekend and event to make up the Brad Doty Classic.

One of the key issues to whether or not we could make the Labor Day weekend work was whether our marketing partners would agree to stay on board. Not a single one hesitated when asked if they would continue their support of the race that weekend, and we are so thankful to them.

Title sponsor Ohio Logistics and presenting sponsor Racing Optics have both been with us for more than 10 years. Callies Performance Products has also been with us for many years, and just last year Priority Aviation came on board.

JEGS Performance and R&R Enterprises were new sponsors this year and, although neither got to see any racing on July 16 or got to see if they received value for their money, they also immediately said yes to staying on as part of the event coming up on Aug. 30-31.

All of us at ARP are grateful for their support and we look forward to the big two-day event that will pay $5,000 to win on Friday night and $10,000 to win the Brad Doty Classic on Saturday night.

At this time, we don’t know what the date will be for the 2020 event. There are just too many things up in the air with scheduling, so we just have to wait to see where our race fits in with other tracks’ schedules and if and where we can find the right date that works for us.

Once again, thank you to all our sponsors and a huge thank you to all the fans who had bought tickets, as well as some who traveled many miles, to be at Attica on July 16! A lot of you got there just in time to get caught in the massive rain that fell just as we were getting ready to start hot laps.

If you purchased a reserved seat through the Word of Outlaws ticketing agency, you must call the number on the back of the ticket to get a full refund from the World of Outlaws. The reason that ticket cannot be used on Aug. 30-31 is because the July race was a WoO-sanctioned race and the Labor Day weekend races are All Stars races.

The funds for the WoO ticket cannot be transferred to ARP for the makeup race, so that’s why you have to call for the refund.

But, if you bought a general admission ticket or pit pass at Attica Raceway Park on July 16, you can use that ticket at any Attica Raceway Park race, including the ASCoC-sanctioned Brad Doty Classic , and you will be refunded any price difference in the ticket or pit pass.

We hope to see you Aug. 30-31, and we also hope that the rain stays away this time!


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