Micro-sprint driver Frank Flud has a win total of about 500 features. There have also been 19 track championships, including a dozen at Port City Raceway. In addition, he has also won five Speedweek championships.

Finally, he’s taken some of the biggest micro-sprint races (both winged and non-winged) in the nation, competing with the POWRi micro series among others.

He’s raced in nine states and at over 50 different tracks. In all, he’s competed in about 1,200 races. He was able to achieve that number by often bringing two cars to the track and competing in both of them in different classes.

DOB: – June 17, 1990
HOMETOWN: – Pryor, Oklahoma
SERIES: – POWRi micro-sprints, NOW600 micro-sprint series
SPONSORS: – Driven Midwest, Metric Cycles,
– Engler Machine and Tool, Outlaw Wings,
– Harley Hollan Companies, Smith Titanium,
– Walker Performance Filtration, Swindell Bleeders,
– PE3 Electronics, and MYCHRONTOM

He operates on a budget, and falls squarely in the category of low-buck racer.

“In fact,” the Pryor, Okla., driver explained, “my lack of money prevented me from moving on to the next level during the early years.”

To date, the 2017 season was his winningest, with 64 wins, closely followed by 58 victories in 2018.

And, at 29 years of age, it’s likely that he’ll achieve many more checkered flags before his career is over.

With this extensive career in micro-sprint racing, it’s not surprising that his day job is in the same arena.

Flud works in a micro chassis shop. In addition, he also has to maintain his own equipment, so there are many 14 to 16-hour days building and working on micro-sprints.

Frank Flud. (Jessica Edmiston photo)

At the track, he can often be found answering questions and helping young drivers who come to him for advice. As a result, he is generally well-liked by the majority of his competitors.

He smiled as he related, “There are some drivers that try to take me out once in a while, but it doesn’t happen very often.”

One amazing fact confirms that he isn’t hard on equipment.

“Through my career, I have had only 14 cars and only lost two of them,” Flud noted. “I had one particular car that I ran for seven years.”

Frank’s career started at age 10, with his father John serving as his crew chief. But that didn’t last too young, as Frank took over a few years later and his father became the helper.

Frank’s wife Ashley helps in the pits helping where needed, along with selling T-shirts.

His obvious skills and savvy are well known to those building cars and parts and a number of them use him as a consultant. Among them is Jeff Swindell and his Swindell Bleeders company.

Swindell indicated that Frank is a valuable consultant in his area of racing. Flud also works with Outlaw Wings and several other companies.

In late-February, Flud won four features in two nights during the two-day season opener for the NOW600 Series at Superbowl Speedway.

Flud won the features in both the Stock Non-Wing and Winged ‘A’ Class on both of those evenings.


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