BACON: Thumbs Up, Fingers Crossed

Brady Bacon

As we embark on a new season of racing, it is safe to say everyone is more than happy to put 2020 in the rear view mirror.

After one of the most frustrating, nerve-racking, and challenging years for everyone in every walk of life, this year is a hopeful beacon for everyone to look forward to.

Last season was not completely lost, and many good things came from the obstacles that were presented and deserve a big “thumbs up.”

In addition, we will keep our fingers crossed that we can capitalize on some of those changes, as well as that things will start to approach normal once again.


… to Terry McCarl for taking a huge risk and promoting the first race after the lockdowns.

… to the huge explosion and increase in quality and accessibility of the streaming of dirt track events.

… to all the tracks and series that worked tirelessly making adjustments to get teams and fans back at the track.

… to the fans and sponsors for being extremely supportive to drivers and teams.

… to the entire Chili Bowl staff for overcoming seemingly impossible odds to ensure the event could happen.

… to large schedules from the major sanctioning bodies and series.

… to increased purses for the All Stars, World of Outlaws, and many of the USAC sprint races on the schedule.

… to Tod Quiring for rescuing Huset’s Speedway and Matt Wood for introducing the USAC Nationals event there.

… to Eldora for scheduling two-each of their crown jewel events for 2021.


… that teams, tracks, and series can capitalize on the increased popularity in streaming and turn it into sponsorship dollars.

… that we will once again see full grandstands all across the country.

… that car counts will stay as strong as they were in 2020.

… that tracks will keep support divisions to a minimum for major events.

… that Kyle Larson and Christopher Bell have success with their new teams in NASCAR this season.

… that the Outlaws and USAC are able to make their west coast swings in 2021.

… that fans support two trips for USAC sprints to Pennsylvania in 2021 and it becomes an annual feature on the schedule.

… that Knoxville and USAC can create new fans during the Truck Series/Corn Belt Nationals weekend.

… that everyone in racing stays positive on social media. (I can dream, right?)


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