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Brad Doty

DOTY: A Long, Strange Trip

With the sprint car season over in the United States, I wonder what all the drivers who normally go down under to Australia and/or New Zealand – who now can’t go because of COVID-19 – are going to be doing during the off-season.
Best Of Times

THE BEST OF TIMES: Chapter 188 – Closing It Out

The rain falling on Jimmy Wilson added to his tension as he ran across the parking lot. It was a gloomy late afternoon.

The Quiet Career Of Don Droud Jr., Part 1

As Don Droud Jr. prepared for the final points race of the USAC Midwest Wingless Series season at Missouri’s Bethany Speedway, he was approached by an interested media member.
Argabright New Mug

ARGABRIGHT: The Best of Times

Elsewhere in this issue you’ll find the final monthly installment of the Best of Times series.

Grant’s Hard-Won Championship, Part 2

After a very difficult three nights at the Kokomo Smackdown, it was obvious that the USAC National Sprint Car Series championship was out of reach for Justin Grant.

SULLIVAN: Responding

As Cannon McIntosh climbed to the top of his roll cage after besting the field at Missouri’s Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex, you could sense his relief.
Justin Grant

Grant’s Hard-Won Championship, Part 1

As race teams and officials began assembling at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield, everything seemed just a bit odd.

BACON: A Third USAC Sprint Car Title

It is safe to say that 2020 did not unfold anywhere close to what we expected.
Remembering Ray Crawford

Remembering Ray Crawford

At this point in racing history, a number of Oklahoma open-wheel racers have made their mark in the sport, some having garnered a national reputation.

OLSON: The Branch Manager

It was those lights. Those bright fluorescent lights buried in the white ceiling tiles staring straight down on me as I moved my feet back and forth in sheer panic, moving anything that I could on my body that didn’t hurt.
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Grosz Has The Power At Jackson

Lee Grosz, Bill Johnson and Eric Schultz each garnered a feature victory on Saturday evening as Jackson Motorplex hosted Glenn Gillund Night presented by Gillund Enterprises.


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