Miller Nabs 40th POWRi Outlaw Micro Victory

Miller Nabs 40th
Joe B. Miller and his crew pose in victory lane at Valley Speedway. (Ryan Black photo)

GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. – Joe B. Miller picked up his 40th POWRi Engler Machine and Tool Outlaw Micro Series win at Valley Speedway on Sunday night.

Not only was Sunday Miller’s 40th POWRi win, he also made it four wins in the last six races.

Miller started on the pole with Jordan Howell to his outside, and after a red on lap one for the No. 97 of Scotty Milan, the field stacked back up for a complete restart.

As the green flag waved, Howell took the lead, with Miller falling into the second position. Miller tried the top, the middle, the bottom and finally capitalized on lap four to take the lead from a determined Howell.

As Miller took the lead, the caution flag came out for Miller’s teammate, Lane Warner.

Miller, Howell, Trevin Littleton, Harley Hollan, and Riley Goodno led the field backĀ  to the green flag with four laps in. Miller off to a good start and quickly started walking away with the lead.

Hollan took over the second position on lap six and tried to hunt down Miller, who opened up a 1.819-second advantage over second-place Hollan with 13 laps to go. As the battle up front continued, the fight for third, fourth, and fifth was on as well.

Goodno, Bryant Wiedeman, and Littleton all battled for those positions, with Goodno eventually working clear of the scrum into the third position.

Miller hit lapped traffic and extended his lead to 2.5 seconds over Holla, but as the white flag waved, a caution occurred on the backstretch for Chase Porter.

Going back green on a two-lap dash to the finish, it was Miller in control and racing to the win by .979 seconds over Hollan. Bryant Wiedeman was third, Goodno crossed fourth and Littleton rounded out the top five in the second and final night of Thunder in the Valley.

“He was rolling the middle pretty good,” said Miller of Hollan after the late caution. “I was just going to watch and see if it rubbered up; he is always really good once you get momentum in the middle.”

“We found a little with keeping the momentum through the middle, but we just couldn’t get him,” noted Harley Hollan.

The finish:

1. Joe B. Miller, 2. Harley Hollan, 3. Bryant Wiedeman, 4. Riley Goodno, 5. Trevin Littleton, 6. Jordan Howell, 7. Aubrey Smith, 8. Xavier Doney, 9. Wyatt Siegel, 10. Mariah Ede, 11. Ava Gropp, 12. Branigan Roark, 13. Christopher Townsend, 14. Chase Porter, 15. Lane Warner, 16. Scotty Milan.


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