McIntosh Tops Port City POWRi West Field

Cannon McIntosh en route to victory at Port City Raceway. (Richard Bales photo)

TULSA, Okla. – The POWRi Lucas Oil West Midget League visited Port City Raceway Saturday night, and after a dominating 25 laps, Cannon McIntosh came out on top.

McIntosh, who was able to race at Port City after a POWRi National Midget League rainout at Illinois’ Spoon River Speedway, elected to start at the back of the field to try and capture an extra purse. Ultimately, he did just that.

Early in the action, Tristin Thomas took the lead after coming forward from the fourth starting position. Jonathan Beason followed in second and Morgan Frewaldt was third.

After a few early cautions, McIntosh made his way up to fifth by lap eight of the 25-lap feature. Thomas led the field to green after a caution, and McIntosh set his sights on the top position.

McIntosh stepped out to the top side and never looked back. He took the lead from Thomas on lap _ and that was the end of the battle.

Lapped traffic became a factor with five laps left and McIntosh still in command, but a late caution stacked the field back up and cleared the track for McIntosh, who never looked back.

Following the restart, McIntosh made the trip to victory lane in his family-owned No. 5T at Port City Raceway. Beason finished second and Noah Gass captured the third position.

“We had a lot of yellows early and I was able to get through the wrecks; there were a few that were close, but I just had to keep my eyes open,” McIntosh said in victory lane. “I ran a lot of laps here growing up and I’m just really comfortable around this race track.

“It’s great to grab a midget win here.”

The finish:

1. 5T-Cannon McIntosh; 2. 8j-Jonathan Beason; 3. 20G-Noah Gass; 4. 26-Tristin Thomas; 5. 14e-Hank Davis; 6. 3n-Jake Neuman; 7. 00-Alex Sewell; 8. 7m-Chance Morton; 9. 28-Ace McCarthy; 10. 14f-Andrew Felker; 11. 84m-Kade Morton; 12. 7d-Michelle Decker; 13. 3-Dustin Gilbert; 14. 4f- Chad Frewaldt; 15. 70-Cade Cowles; 16. 9-Morgan Frewaldt; 17. 47k-Kevin Brewer; 18. 22c-Blake Edwards; 19. 21-Trey Gropp; 20. 91k-Kevin Bayer; 21. 7u-Kyle Jones.

Cannon McIntosh celebrates in victory lane at Port City Raceway. (Richard Bales photo)


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