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Shooter's Gallery: Jason

Shooter’s Gallery: Jason McDougal

Jason McDougal spins during the 2019 USAC Silver Crown Series 4-Crown Nationals at Eldora Speedway. (Brendon Bauman photo)
Rusty Hickman

Shooter’s Gallery: Rusty Hickman

Rusty Hickman flips during the Front Row Challenge at Southern Iowa Speedway. (Tim Aylwin photo)
Dick Gaines

GLORY DAYS: Dick Gaines In 1971

Dick Gaines during a sprint car event at the Columbus (Ind.) Fairgrounds half-mile in 1971. (John Mahoney photo)
Glory Days Archives: Stevie

GLORY DAYS ARCHIVES: Stevie Smith In 1986

Stevie Smith poses at Williams Grove Speedway in 1986. (Jack Kromer photo)
Fred Rahmer

GLORY DAYS: Fred Rahmer In 1984

Fred Rahmer during a URC event at Bridgeport Speedway in 1984. (Jack Kromer photo)
Glory Days Archives: Sheldon Kinser

GLORY DAYS ARCHIVES: Sheldon Kinser In 1977

Sheldon Kinser poses at Eldora Speedway in June of 1977. (Gene Marderness photo)
Jeff Gordon

GLORY DAYS ARCHIVE: Pete Nellsen In 1940

Pete Nellsen posed for this photograph at Riverview Park in Chicago, Ill.., in 1940. (Bob Sheldon photo)
George Snider

GLORY DAYS: George Snider In 1971

George Snider during the 1971 Hoosier Hundred. That season, he earned the first National Dirt Car Championship title. (John Mahoney photo)
PHOTOS: Williams Grove Season

PHOTOS: Williams Grove Season Opener

Check out photos from Sunday's Williams Grove Speedway 410 sprint car season opener, won by Carson Macedo of Kyle Larson Racing!
PHOTOS: Another Saturday

PHOTOS: Another Saturday At Lincoln Speedway

Check out photos from Saturday's 410 sprint car event at Pennsylvania's Lincoln Speedway, where Alan Krimes raced forward from seventh to take the victory!
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VIDEO: McFadden Rolls To Plymouth Victory

Courtesy of Speed Shift TV, check out highlights from Thursday's All Star Circuit of Champions feature at Plymouth Dirt Track, won by James McFadden!


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