Westbrook Takes Ohsweken 360 Spoils

Westbrook Takes Ohsweken
Dylan Westbrook in victory lane at Ohsweken Speedway. (Dale Calnan photo)

OHSWEKEN, Ontario – Dylan Westbrook claimed victory with the Kool Kidz-Corr/Pak 360 Sprint Cars for the fourth time this year on Friday night at Ohsweken Speedway.

In additional sprint car action, Jesse Costa won the main event with the Stickland’s Brantford Chevrolet Crate Sprint Cars.

Aaron Turkey and Cory Turner started on the front row for the 20-lap Kool Kidz-Corr/Pak 360 Sprint Car A-main. Turkey led the opening lap before Turner got past him on lap two with a pass in turns three and four.

By lap six, Turner worked into lapped traffic with Mack DeMan moving past Turkey for second. DeMan caught Turner amongst the slower cars and the two dueled up front for the top spot, swapping the position briefly before the yellow flag waved with nine laps complete when Mike Thorne and Curtis Gartly spun in turn three.

On the restart, Turner brought the field back to speed and led lap 10, but DeMan drove to the point on lap 11 and claimed the top spot. Two laps later, Turner was under pressure from Westbrook and used a slide job to take the second spot.

Turner tried to use the same move to take the spot back in turns one and two, but Westbrook used every inch of the racetrack to power past Turner on the outside.

Then with five laps to go, DeMan was in heavy lapped traffic and Westbrook closed the gap quickly. With two laps to go, Westbrook got past DeMan in turn three when the latter was forced to slow while entering the corner to avoid contact with a slower car.

Westbrook pulled away by at least five car lengths over the next two laps and as Westbrook drove into the final corner, Caleb Wood spun in turn four to bring out the yellow.  That setup a one-lap dash to the finish where DeMan gave everything he had on the final two corners, but came up just short as Westbrook scored his fourth win of the season.

Turner, Mitch Brown and Jim Huppunen completed the top-five. Jamie Turner, Turkey and DeMan won their qualifying heat races to start the night.

Liam Martin and DJ Christie paced the field to the green flag for the Strickland’s GMC Crate Sprint Car division feature. Martin claimed an early advanatage while Jesse Costa got past Christie for second as the leaders all ran in the bottom groove.

Martin ran smooth, consistent laps as Costa tried to run him down, but was simultaneously being chased by Christie. A slide job on lap nine allowed Christie to take the lead from Costa in turn four and then set out to track down Martin. He did just that on lap 11 when he got past Martin for the lead in turn two and a lap later Costa shuffled Martin back to third.

Martin’s night went sour on lap 13 when he tagged the inside wall in turn four and suffered damage to the wheels. Christie led following the restart until the final caution on lap 16 for a spun Travis Hofstetter in turn two. The second restart didn’t prove as favorable for Christie as Costa returned the favour from earlier with a slide job in turns three and four to take the lead.

Costa was flawless over the final three laps to claim his second win of the season while Christie settled for second.

Nick Sheridan, Brad Herron and Jordan Hill rounded out the top-five.

Herron, Sheridan, Lucas Smith and Hill won their qualifying heats to begin the nights while Hannah Ferrell and Hofstetter won the B-Mains.

The finishes:

360 Sprint Cars: 1. 47X-Dylan Westbrook, [5]; 2. 17X-Mack DeMan, [3]; 3. 13-Cory Turner, [2]; 4. 68-Aaron Turkey, [1]; 5. 0-Jim Huppunen, [7]; 6. 10-Mitch Brown, [6]; 7. 91-Ryan Turner, [8]; 8. 5D-Shane Ross, [9]; 9. 49-Scott Kreuter, [11]; 10. 9-Steve Lyons, [15]; 11. 1-10-Jake Brown, [17]; 12. 1-Holly Porter, [12]; 13. 7-Caleb Wood, [10]; 14. 21-John Burbridge Jr, [16]; 15. 71S-Shawn Sliter, [14]; 16. 87X-Shone Evans, [19]; 17. 67-Pete Richardson, [21]; 18. 45-Curtis Gartly, [22]; 19. 55-Mike Thorne, [18]; 20. 81-Derek Jonathan, [13]; 21. 15-Dan Nanticoke, [24]; 22. 9B-Scott Burk, [20]; 23. 46-Kevin Pauls, [23]; 24. 11-Jamie Turner, [4]; 25. 88H-Josh Hansen, [25]

Crate Sprints: 1. 52-Jesse Costa, [3]; 2. 5-D.J. Christie, [2]; 3. 45-Nick Sheridan, [6]; 4. 12-Brad Herron, [4]; 5. 28-Jordan Hill, [5]; 6. 5D-Jacob Dykstra, [16]; 7. 74-Rob Neely, [11]; 8. 08-Steven Beckett, [14]; 9. 56-Dereck Lemyre, [7]; 10. 70-Baily Heard, [18]; 11. 1EH-Paul Klager, [13]; 12. 49L-Lucas Smith, [8]; 13. 19D-Allan Downey, [19]; 14. 49H-Jerry Hill, [17]; 15. 19-Brandon Murrell, [23]; 16. 4-Hannah Ferrell, [21]; 17. 88-Jesse McDonald, [15]; 18. 43-Darren Dryden, [10]; 19. 14T-Noelle Teal, [20]; 20. 14-Eric Gledhill, [9]; 21. 38-Derek Miller, [24]; 22. 2-Travis Hofstetter, [22]; 23. 83-Spencer Davis, [12]; 24. 29-Liam Martin, [1]


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