USCS Fall Nationals A Wash At Riverside


ATLANTA – This weekend’s USCS Fall Nationals at Riverside Int’l Speedway, featuring the annual Flip Flop 50, have been canceled due to weather.

An 80-90 percent chance of rain on Friday, with the amount of rain received early in the week and still-moist grounds, will cancel Friday.

As for Saturday, low temperatures through most of the day will making conditions suitable for drying almost non-existent. That makes Saturday very questionable as well. Sunday is not an option for more than one reason.

Due to conflicting schedules for Riverside Speedway and the United Sprint Car Series for make-up dates, the Fall Nationals cannot be made up at Riverside Speedway this season.

Those who have pre-entered for the event will have refunds issued through the series.

The next USCS Sprint Car Series event will be the Spooky 50 at Chatham Speedway in Chatham, La., on Oct. 18-19.


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