It is a beautiful June Saturday in Knoxville, Iowa. A couple from Oregon steps out of their car and approaches the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum.

They are welcomed at the door. It is their first trip to “The Sprint Car Capital of the World.”

They are shown to the sixth floor of the Bryan Clauson Suite Tower. They step out of the door onto the observation deck and the enormity of Knoxville Raceway takes their breath away. They walk up to the railing and peer over. The tractors are tilling and water trucks are in motion around the big half-mile race track.

It’s finally race day.

The folks from Checkered Flag Concessions are making trips back and forth to the infield concession stand. As the gentle breeze blows a little bit harder 600 feet in the air, down below transporters and trailers — enclosed and open alike — are pulling on the fairgrounds. The public-address system is already belting out tunes and things are abuzz.

The couple has never seen anything like it. A first-time visit to Knoxville Raceway can be awe inspiring. It’s quickly apparent to the couple that Knoxville Raceway is the destination for thousands each Saturday night.

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