Netto Tops Marysville’s 360 Sprint Run


MARYSVILLE, Calif. – D.J. Netto collected the 360 sprint car victory on Saturday night at Marysville Raceway.

The 25-lap feature was stopped by multiple incidents, including a pair of red flags. The final red flag came on the 23rd lap, but the ensuing restart wasn’t enough to stop ninth-starting Netto from claiming the victory.

Ryan Robinson followed him home in second, 1.7 seconds off the pace. John Michael Bunch, T.J. Michael and Jesse Love completed the top-five.

Heats were won by Love, Brent Bjork, Garen Linder and Geoff Ensign. Colby Wiesz won the B-Main.

The finish:

D.J. Netto, Ryan Robinson, John Michael Bunch, T.J. Michael, Jesse Love, J.J. Hickle, Michael Ing, Jodie Robinson, Mike Monahan, Jacob Tuttle, Andy Forsberg, Geoff Ensign, Cody Spencer, Colby Wiesz, Nick Larsen, J.J. Ringo, Brad Bumgarner, Alec Justeson, Garen Linder, Sean Becker, Brent Bjork, Stephen Ingraham.


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