Mark Smith Is A Southern Sprint Star

Mark Smith in victory lane Sunday night.
Mark Smith in victory lane Sunday night.

MILTON, Fla. – Mark Smith registered his second USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour victory of the year during Sunday’s feature at Southern Raceway.

Smith started sixth and raced his way to the front of the pack, eventually beating Saturday’s feature winner Tim Shaffer to the checkered flag.

Paulie Colagiovanni, Zane Devault and Chris Martin completed the top-five.

The finish:

1. M1-Mark Smith[6]; 2. 72-Tim Shaffer[3]; 3. 10C-Paulie Colagiovanni[8]; 4. 16B-Zane Devault[1]; 5. 44-Chris Martin[4]; 6. 24-Garet Williamson[13]; 7. 28M-Conner Morrell[9]; 8. 5T-Ryan Timms[14]; 9. 28F-Davie Franek[10]; 10. 22-Connor Leoffler[19]; 11. 1X-Brent Crews[2]; 12. 43-Terry Witherspoon[18]; 13. 27-Carson McCarl[7]; 14. 70-Nick Tucker[11]; 15. 66-Chase Dunham[21]; 16. 20B-Cody Bova[16]; 17. 7E-Eric Gunderson[24]; 18. (DNF) 33W-Mike Walter II[12]; 19. (DNF) 4-Danny Smith[17]; 20. (DNF) 28-Jeff Willingham[23]; 21. (DNF) W20-Greg Wilson[15]; 22. (DNF) 3-Todd Gracey[5]; 23. (DNF) 10-Terry Gray[20]; 24. (DNF) 3(43)-Shawn Murray[22]


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