It’s All Henes In Must See Midwest Lights

It's All Henes
JJ Henes (36) races Tim Henthorne Saturday at Lorain County Speedway. (David Sink photo)

LORAIN, Ohio – Teenager J.J. Henes captured the victory in Saturday’s Must See Racing Midwest Lights Series stop at the third-mile Lorain County Speedway.

After starting from the outside pole, Henes took command on the initial start and led all 25 laps of the caution-free feature, beating runner-up Dylan Watson to the finish line by just under half a second.

Tim Henthorne filled out the podium, followed by James Rader and Joshua Sexton.

Jason Rader, Anthony Linkenhoker, Ben Watson and Joey Wyckoff made up the balance of the field.

Watson set fast time with a lap of 13.505 seconds. Henthorne and Henes won their respective heats.

The finish:

1. 36-JJ Henes, 2. 12-Dylan Watson, 3. 15h-Tim Henthorne, 4. 63-James Rader, 5. 51s-Joshua Sexton, 6. 52-Jason Rader, 7. 92-Anthony Linkenhoker, 8. 99-Ben Watson, 9. 90-Joey Wyckoff.


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