Icebreaker On Deck At Lincoln Speedway

Lincoln Speedway's annual Icebreaker will take place this weekend. (Dan Demarco Photo)
Lincoln Speedway's annual Icebreaker will take place this weekend. (Dan Demarco Photo)

ABBOTTSTOWN, Pa. — Pennsylvania’s Lincoln Speedway is scheduled to host its annual Icebreaker 30 for sprint cars on Saturday afternoon.

The event, which has been scheduled for late February or early March for more than two decades, has become the annual northeastern kick-off to the sprint car season.

Lincoln Speedway opened for business in 1953 and through the years, many of the top drivers in the sport have graced Lincoln’s victory lane on opening day.

The first opening day winner in 1953 was Mel Kreiser, while Lucas Wolfe claimed last year’s Icebreaker feature. Weather permitting Saturday’s opener at the four-tenths-mile track will begin Lincoln’s 68th season.

Fred Rahmer, the all-time winningest driver at Lincoln with 169 triumphs, has won the opening day feature seven times. Interestingly, his sons Freddie and Brandon, are still looking for their first Lincoln victory.

However, two sets of fathers and sons have won on opening day with Steve and Stevie Smith each claiming the event on three occasions. When Danny Dietrich won the Icebreaker in 2017, he joined his dad, Dan, as an opening-day winner at Lincoln.

Bobby Allen is a four-time opening day winner, while the late Greg Hodnett won two Icebreakers.

Reigning Lincoln track champion Brian Monteith has won the Icebreaker three times.

Other opening day winners include Keith Kauffman, Lance Dewease, Mark Smith, Bobby Davis Jr., Kramer Williamson and Smokey Snellbaker.

Lincoln Speedway Season Opening Winners

1953 Mel Kreiser
1954 Walt Ragan
1955 Junie Taylor
1956 Ralph Smith
1957 Troy Funck
1958 Troy Funck
1959 Bobby Abel
1960 Gene Goodling
1961 Johnny Mackison Sr.
1962 Gene Goodling
1963 Bobby Abel
1964 Frankie Thompson
1965 Bobby Abel
1966 Bobby Myers
1967 Lynn Paxton
1968 Kenny Weld
1969 Bobby Allen
1970 Bobby Gerhart Sr.
1971 Smokey Snellbaker
1972 Kenny Weld
1973 Kramer Williamson
1974 Paul Pitzer
1975 Bobby Abel
1976 Steve Smith
1977 Van May
1978 Bobby Allen
1979 Dub May
1980 Jimmy Edwards
1981 Bobby Allen
1982 Bobby Allen
1983 Bobby Davis Jr.
1984 Richard Lupo
1985 Steve Smith
1986 Frankie Kerr
1987 Stevie Smith
1988 Stevie Smith
1989 Stevie Smith
1990 Dan Dietrich
1991 Steve Smith
1992 Dan Dietrich
1993 Lance Dewease
1994 Glenn Fitzcharles
1995 Fred Rahmer
1996 Fred Rahmer
1997 Fred Rahmer
1998 Todd Shaffer
1999 Fred Rahmer
2000 Keith Kauffman
2001 Fred Rahmer
2002 Keith Kauffman
2003 Chris Knopp
2004 Fred Rahmer
2005 Fred Rahmer
2006 Doug Esh
2007 Lance Dewease
2008 Niki Young
2009 Brian Montieth
2010 Mark Smith
2011 Brian Montieth
2012 Adam Wilt
2013 Brian Montieth
2014 Adam Wilt
2015 Greg Hodnett
2016 Greg Hodnett
2017 Danny Dietrich
2018 Chad Trout
2019 Lucas Wolfe


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