Health Alliance Renews With Kyle Schuett

Kyle Schuett will continue to have sponsorship from Health Alliance in 2020. (Brendon Bauman Photo)
Kyle Schuett will continue to have sponsorship from Health Alliance in 2020. (Brendon Bauman Photo)

PHILO, Ill. – Kyle Schuett has confirmed the return of Health Alliance Medical Plans Inc. as the primary sponsor of Schuett Racing this season.

“We’re very happy to have Health Alliance back again as a partner this year,” the 410ci winged sprint car driver said. “This will be their fifth year with us. They’ve been a tremendous supporter of Schuett Racing.”

Health Alliance Medical Plans, Inc., is headquartered in Champaign, Ill., and has been in the business for 40 years. It provides and administers member-focused health plans in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio and Washington, with more than 700 employees serving more than 230,000 members and counting.

Health Alliance offers a wide range of healthcare plan options, from fully insured, large and small employer group coverage and association plans to individual direct and short-term plans. It also provides self-funded employer group plan administration, stop-loss coverage for self-funded group health plans and individual Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans.

“We do our best to be good representatives of Health Alliance at the track,” Schuett said. “We also showcase our race cars and do a meet-and-greet with employees at their corporate office each year during their Employee Appreciation Day. I think we have given away approximately 1,000 t-shirts to employees along with other merchandise.”

Health Alliance is ranked No. 1 by J.D. Power in member satisfaction among commercial health plans in the Illinois/Indiana region for three years in a row (2017-19).

“It’s easy to represent a sponsor when they are at the top of their field and you have a good relationship,” Schuett said. “It’s really neat when people visit our pit and say they are insured through Health Alliance. We often hear they are excited to see Health Alliance as a part of the racing community and we’re honored to be a part of that connection.”

Auto racing has provided Health Alliance with exposure to a unique demographic.

“Health Alliance was looking for a different area to grow their brand a number of years ago when we suggested they bring it to the racing community,” Schuett said. “It’s worked out well for both of us and we look forward to continuing our relationship.”


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