Griffin & Bennett Star At Land Of Legends


CANANDAIGUA, N.Y. – Brandyn Griffin and Dan Bennett split the spoils in twin 20-lap 305 sprint car features on Saturday night at Land of Legends Raceway.

Griffin won the first feature over Darryl Ruggles, Jesse Pruchnik, Alysha Bay and Dan Bennett; while Bennett topped the second feature over Bay, Ruggles, Jason Whipple and Griffin.

Of ironic note was that each of the two winners finished fifth in the other main event.

The finishes:

First feature: 1. 75-Brandyn Griffin, 2. 48jr.-Darryl Ruggles, 3. 42-Jesse Pruchnik, 4. 48a-Alysha Bay, 5. X-Dan Bennett, 6. 38-Jason Whipple, 7. 18c-Dan Craun, 8. 53-Tom Fletcher, 9. 66-Erik Karlsen, 10. 26j-Johnny Kolosek, 11. j27-John Cunningham, 12. 99-Andy Jacobus.

Second feature: 1. X-Dan Bennett, 2. 48a-Alysha Bay, 3. 48jr.-Darryl Ruggles, 4. 38-Jason Whipple, 5. 75-Brandyn Griffin, 6. 26j-Johnny Kolosek, 7. 42-Jesse Pruchnik, 8. 18c-Dan Craun, 9. 99-Andy Jacobus, 10. 53-Tom Fletcher, 11. 66-Erik Karlsen, j27-John Cunningham.


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