Duncan Delivers From 12th At Fremont

Cole Duncan (Todd Ridgeway photo)

FREMONT, Ohio —  Cole Duncan went on the charge in the 30-lap sprint car feature at Fremont Speedway Saturday night coming from 12th starting position to lead only one lap, the one that mattered and secured the Attica Fremont Championship Series victory.

A late-race restart with eight laps to go saw Duncan sail from third to second when he zipped past D.J. Foos and set his sights on race leader Zeb Wise. The last two laps Duncan collected real estate and zoomed in.

At the top in turns one and two he would secure the lead on the backstretch but Wise came back in the final two corners as they drag raced to the checkers with Duncan right up top on the fence squeezing out the victory.

“Man, the car got good,” said Duncan. “It has not been very good all day. So my dad and the guys just went back to work. They put the car back where it needed to be and we got it done.”

Front row starters Cole Macedo and Chad Kemenah would tow the field to the green as Kemenah would muscle to the point. As Kemenah showed the way, Wise quickly came from his 10th-starting spot into the top five, a few scant laps later he was dueling Macedo for second. Just as Wise secured second position muscling by Macedo on lap 10, the yellow flag would appear.

Kemenah had a flat tire and would surrender the lead as Wise fired off on the restart. As Wise showed the way Duncan was patiently working his way up picking off one car at a time. Macedo would stay pace in second in Wise’s tracks, but that pace slowed on lap 22 when the Macedo ride slowed to a stop in turn three and required a tow back to the pit area.

This only helped Duncan’s cause as it now put him third for the restart and gained a lot of track position in the process. First getting by Foos for second, then the challenge of catching Wise, then the choir of getting by Wise. With every lap Duncan made positive strides and then under the white flag into turn one Wise sailed in at the bottom,

Duncan rim rode the top and completely closed the two car length gap and was there for the lead. Under the checkers off turn four, Duncan got the job done, as Wise would have to wait for another day to celebrate the victory. Foos would finish third and Trey Jacobs came to fourth as Nate Dussel rounded out the top five.

Paul Weaver won the 305 sprint car feature and Dallas Hewitt topped the BOSS non-winged sprint car main event.



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