Drydene Backs Gavan Boschele In Micro Sprints

Gavan Boschele has added sponsor support from Drydene Performance Products.

WARMINSTER, Pa. – Drydene Performance Products has announced a multi-year partnership with 12-year-old micro sprint driver Gavan Boschele.

Boschele is the youngest member of Team Drydene, which includes drivers competing in dirt late model, sprint car and midget series, both regionally and nationally.

Boschele hails from Mooresville, N.C. After parents Kris and Natalie buckled Gavan into a race car at three years of age, Boschele has driven to an impressive record.

To date, Boschele has earned more than 23 championships and 300 wins while competing in his No. 5 micro sprint, outlaw kart, quarter midget and sprint kart.

The collaborative motorsports partnership with Boschele includes primary and associate positioning for Drydene, as well as year-round, family-style hospitality for Drydene distributors, along with fan engagement, digital and esports promotions.

“Drydene is proud to make Gavan Boschele the newest — and youngest — member of Team Drydene,” said Dave Klinger, President of Drydene Performance Products. “We’re looking forward to watching this young driver continue to make a name for himself for years to come.”

“This is a really exciting and amazing day for me and our team,” added Boschele. “It means a lot to me to announce our partnership with Drydene, and to become the youngest driver on their team is really special to me, my family and our race team.  I’m going to work super hard to make them proud.”

Boschele’s upcoming schedule includes the 600 Non-Wing Championship Night on Oct. 28 at Millbridge Speedway; the KKM Giveback Classic on Nov. 2-4 at Millbridge; Nov. 20-21 races at Rockfish Speedway; and the Tulsa (Okla.) Shootout, Dec. 30 through Jan. 2.

“This is a really special partnership for both Gavan and our team,” said team owner Kris Boschele, Gavan’s father. “It’s surreal to know that Gavan is now the youngest driver on Team Drydene, and at his age for us to be partnered with such a great and well-respected brand is incredibly exciting, humbling and truly an honor.”


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