Lamb Claims Mel Kenyon Classic

Chris Lamb in victory lane Saturday at Anderson Speedway. (Randy Crist Photo)
Chris Lamb in victory lane Saturday at Anderson Speedway. (Randy Crist Photo)

ANDERSON, Ind. – Chris Lamb survived an excursion into the grass and recovered to win the Don & Mel Kenyon Classic at Anderson Speedway on Saturday night.

Lamb led the first 53 laps when he tangled with a slower car and was forced to drive through the infield grass which cost him lead to fast qualifier Jessica Bean on CB Fabricating night.

Right after Lamb’s misfortune the caution flag waved on lap 54 when Jack Macenko slowed on the track.

The race was red-flagged on lap 60 when Sam Mazzo and Colin Grissom got together in turn four and Trey Osborne back contact with the outside retaining wall.

On the restart Lamb was able to make an outside pass of Bean on the front straight when the race was red-flagged when Masso and Grissom again tangled and came to a stop along the outside retaining wall in turn four.

Lamb pulled away to win by two seconds over Bean with Kameron Gladish, Dameron Taylor and Ayrton Houk rounding out the top five.

It was Lamb’s first win at Anderson Speedway in his return after not competing in Indiana for several years.

“There was passes in the grass, but I got passed in the grass,” Lamb said in the Star Financial Winner’s Circle.

“Seventy-five laps around here is tiring,” he said. “I’m glad I finally got a win here.”

Gladish was awarded $200 from Radical Race Gear for being the highest finishing Day Transportation Mel Kenyon Midget Series regular.

The finish:

Chris Lamb, Jessica Bean, Kameron Gladish, Dameron Taylor, Ayrton Houk, Nathan Byrd, Mason Hoskins, Sam Mazzo, Colin Grissom, Sam Hinds, Trey Osborne, Jack Macenko, Ben Varner.


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