Doug Auld
Doug Auld

On July 1, the all-new Sprint Car & Midget website went live.

After quite some time in development, as building the platform and fine tuning were underway, it is finally here, and it’s a great site.

Previously, served solely as a place to subscribe to the magazine, however, the relaunched website is now a stand-alone destination for racers and serious fans, just like the magazine.

First off, before any racing rumors might get started (What? Rumors, in racing?), the print version of Sprint Car & Midget isn’t going anywhere and subscribers will continue to receive their copy each month in their mailbox just as they always have.

For readers of the print magazine, the new website is an added value included in your subscription. As a print subscriber, you now receive unlimited access to all of the premium online content as well. You can log in using the renewal code on your address label and see the magazine features and columns, in addition to plenty of additional web-only content.

And, the site is optimized for viewing on desktop or mobile devices, so you can access anywhere you go.

So, if you’re out on the road race-chasing, you can log in and keep up to date with everything going on in the sprint car, midget and Silver Crown world.

There is no additional cost to magazine subscribers.

The move transitions us from a print-only publication to also being an important destination for the online community, and also allows us to offer an option for those that only want online content – a yearly subscription to view all of the premium content online, but not receive the printed magazine, is $19.95 (which comes out to just $1.67 per month).

So, while we were already the world’s leading short track open-wheel publication, we now have a whole other digital dimension to serve our readers and advertisers. As I stated, for those of you who have no interest in online content, there will be no changes to the monthly print magazine. So, there are no worries there.

For those of you who are active online, we are also continuing to advance the Facebook page, so be sure to like and follow us at

In addition, we have launched a new Twitter account: @SprintCarMagz

It is unlikely, even with our hard-working fulltime staff, that we will be able to come close to being as active on Twitter as our own Brad Doty, but be sure to like and follow our Twitter account as we make the attempt nonetheless. Who knows, maybe at some point Brad will check himself into a 12-step Twitter recovery program.

One day at a time, Brad. One day at a time.

Looking back, it’s really rather odd how much the media world has changed since the launch of Sprint Car & Midget with the March 2002 cover issue.

It’s even more odd to look back further to my time as editor of Open Wheel magazine, when long print lead-times would have coverage of the Knoxville Nationals arriving to readers’ mailboxes in October or November. These days, the magazine goes on press the same day the layouts are delivered to the printer and ships to subscribers just a few days later, so everything is still current.

Now, with our online presence, we can get breaking news to you immediately, anytime, 24-7.

Turn 3 Media LLC, who have owned the Sprint Car & Midget brand for roughly the past two years, have a successful track record with online media and television, in particular with our sister brand, SPEED SPORT, so you can expect to see even more exciting things happen as we continue to move down the road.

In the meantime, be sure to log in to


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