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I'd like to tell you about Leon.

SEELMAN: A Bad Situation All Around

Count me among the masses of sprint car fans who were thoroughly bummed out that Tuesday night's Brad Doty Classic got scuttled by Mother Nature.
Doug Auld


On July 1, the all-new Sprint Car & Midget website went live.
Brad Doty Mug

DOTY: The Rain Continues

April showers brought more May showers and races all over the country continued to get postponed or canceled due to the wet weather.
Kevin Olson Mug

OLSON: Hoosier One Thousand

There is something magical about the first of May. It’s like no other month. As a kid, it brought me warm weather, only a few weeks of school left and, most importantly, I would receive my Indianapolis Star in the...

SULLIVAN: A Long, Slow Salute

Those of us who are close to USAC’s Dick Jordan intuitively knew something was wrong. He had complained of feeling ill for too long, and even his proclivity for munching on the worst snacks in the world could not explain...

ELLIS: Still Some Fast Cars In Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Posse is just a shell of its former self. Decimated by tragedy, retirements and defection of both drivers and car owners, sprint car tracks in the Keystone State are struggling to fill their fields on a weekly basis. We...
Dave Argabright Mug


In a crowd he seems like a quiet man, not saying much and going about his business. But make no mistake about it; Galen Fox has lived large, large, large.
Doug Auld Mug

AULD: Thankless Jobs

There are plenty of people who perform thankless jobs, working hard, sometimes in dangerous positions, while receiving little or no acknowledgement of their skills.

BACON: Mr. Hoffman

As many of you know, the racing world recently suffered a blow with the loss of Richard Hoffman. Richard was a second-generation racer and operated Hoffman Auto Racing, which was formed by his father “Old Timer” Gus Hoffman in...
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Grizzly Nationals Finale Rained Out

Mother Nature has stepped in and put an early end to racing action with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network with the final night of the Grizzly Nationals at Gallatin Speedway falling to rain.


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