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Best Of Times

The Best Of Times: Chapter 183 – The New Day

It was another hot day at the Southern State Fairgrounds, and Jimmy Wilson felt a bead of sweat form on the nape of his neck, dribbling down his back.
Kevin Olson

OLSON: Save The Grease

I'm sitting here in my KO Research & Development world headquarters, staring out the crescent shaped moon windows that I had specially made for my office.
Doug Auld

AULD: Hey, Good Lookin’

What’s the best-looking sprint car of all time? Everyone has their personal favorites, and for a variety of different reasons.

SULLIVAN: Thinking About Dave

If you’re like me, I have found many positives from this era of shelter in place. Much of this would include a renewed appreciation of very simple things, and accordingly, I have spent more time considering what is really...

ARGABRIGHT: Tired of Being Angry

The epidemic is real, and I’m not referring to the virus. Without a doubt these are unsettling times. It feels like we’re in a state of constant upheaval, and everyday life – going to the store, visiting with friends, dining...

DOTY: Pay Per View Racing

In my last column, I wrote about Terry McCarl and the people of Park Jefferson Int'l Speedway in South Dakota having a pay-per-view race on Speed Shift TV and the World of Outlaws having a similar race on at Knoxville Raceway in Iowa.

HOLLAND: The Season of Corona

And now for something completely different. That was a line used years ago by the British comedy show Monty Python’s Flying Circus.
Brady Bacon Mug

BACON: In The Books

My wife and I recently completed our first promotional venture, the T-Town Midget Showdown at Oklahoma's Port City Raceway.
Best Of Times

BEST OF TIMES: Chapter 182 – The Salesman

Jimmy Wilson glanced up at the sky, eyes scanning the horizon. A cloud would sure be nice right about now … any sort of cloud that could cover up the sun, if only for a few minutes.

BACON: Track Bites

Amid all of the doom and gloom surrounding the country and racing community right now, as we work our way through the current coronavirus problems, I wanted this month’s column to be positive and focus on something I will...
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NAPA Extends Backing Of Empire Super Sprints

Since 2015, NAPA Auto Parts has been the title sponsor of the U.S. Tour for the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints, and that will continue again this season.


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