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HOLLAND: Selinsgrove Makes Schedule Changes

Out of all of the tracks I have been to all over the country, one that I always feel close to is Selinsgrove Speedway in Snyder County, Pennsylvania. This year marks the 57th consecutive, and 74th overall, season of...

OLSON: 34 And So Much More

It was a strange sight for me last month when I got up at daybreak and saw the sun starting to come through the east window of my double-wide trailer.

DOTY: Bell & Larson

It was about this time last year that I wrote about the string of midget wins that Christopher Bell had put together in the 2018-19 “off-season.”
Dave Argabright


His given name was Norman, but that went away in a hurry.
Doug Auld

AULD: John Andretti

It was April of 2017 when the news broke, and the diagnosis wasn’t good. John Andretti was battling stage 4 colon cancer, and the outcome appeared bleak. He began chemo and radiation treatments and, while in the midst of a...

SULLIVAN: A Good Off-Season

Racing, even as a fan, can wear one down. This seems particularly so in an age where the dark and negative seem to capture the lion’s share of attention, and good news seems to be in short supply. I recognized...
Dave Argabright


How about a good story involving a pay phone? You remember the pay phone, the original communications center where people reached into their pocket for a couple of coins each time they stepped inside. For racers, the pay phone was once...
Best Of Times

BEST OF TIMES: Chapter 178 – The Advisor

The scenery of the Genesee region of New York was lush and beautiful as the small pickup rolled along, the summer sunshine bright and warm.

BACON: Fine Dining On The Road

When you are travelling up and down the road – whether it be solo, with a crew, or a family – stopping for a meal is a highlight of the day. Get out, stretch your feet, and grab a...

DOTY: The Land Down Under

I get a little envious of all the people who go to Australia or New Zealand during our winter months.
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Michael Pickens, Part Two

While getting increasingly competitive in a more powerful car is rewarding in and of itself, Michael Pickens also realizes that driving a winged sprint car has made him better in a midget.


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