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Kevin Olson

OLSON: The Daytona 12

I know this may be hard to believe, but I don’t always watch the whole day of NASCAR racing like the rest of the free world.
Best Of Times

THE BEST OF TIMES: Chapter 180 – Handshake Deal

It was quiet in the little apartment, and Jimmy Wilson leaned against the kitchen counter.
Dave Argabright


He’s still hanging in there, getting up early and heading over to the race track to fire up one of the big green monsters that go round and round.
Doug Auld

AULD: The Life

Boy, you’re living the life. That’s what career racers hear all the time.

DOTY: The Toyota Sprint Car Engine

Toyota has announced that they are developing a 410 cubic inch racing engine, which is obviously aimed at taking on the competition in the World of Outlaws.

BACON: Every Little Bit

When teams set out to start their new race season, each one will have slightly different goals.

SULLIVAN: Keith’s Challenge

The USAC National Midget Series opener was at hand, and standing outside of his trailer Keith Kunz appeared to be remarkably relaxed. The operative word in the previous sentence is “appeared.” I’m sure his family and closest associates are in a...

HOLLAND: Upgades To Volusia Speedway Park

While attending this year’s DIRTCar Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park, I noticed the new upgrades to the facility, which have been going on there every year.
Best Of Times

BEST OF TIMES: Chapter 179 – Game Changer

They arrived at the restaurant a little early, asking the hostess if a booth in the back was available.

BACON: What’s The Key?

What makes a particular race an “event”? There are limitless opinions on the subject and they usually come up frequently in January and August. Personally, I don’t think there is any certain recipe that creates a marquee event, but...
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Griffith Leads All 30 At Attica Raceway Park

A couple of years ago Caleb Griffith thought he was done racing.


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