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CROWD PLEASER: Thomas Kennedy

CROWD PLEASER: Thomas Kennedy

Sprint car chauffeur Thomas Kennedy spends plenty of time on the highway, towing from his home in Canada to race in sprint car events in the United States.
Best Of Times

THE BEST OF TIMES: Chapter 184 – Boo-Birds

The car hummed along the Minnesota highway, windows down, the late-summer evening filled with sounds and scents and atmosphere. The Twin Cities were on the horizon, and Jimmy Wilson was feeling good. Maybe he was still buzzing from his satisfying...
Huntley and crew chief Marshall Campbel

More Tales Of The Pup: Kevin Huntley

Sometimes it is hard to fathom why a team suddenly clicks. At other times, it is relatively easy to pinpoint the turning point.

Tales Of The Pup: Kevin Huntley

To have the real inside information on how things went down, you probably had to be a first-hand witness. Kevin Huntley offers only the vaguest of hints.
USAC Racing In The

USAC Racing In The East, Part II

Timmy Buckwalter is a talented and versatile driver. Even though he was unable to run the full slate of USAC East Coast Sprint Car Series races in 2019, that is going to change.
East Coast

USAC Racing In The East, Part I

On Jan. 26, 1957, a host of luminaries assembled at The Elks Home in Pottstown, Pa., to honor drivers and owners from the first year of the Eastern Sprint Car Series.
Tanner Thorson: Rising Over

Tanner Thorson: Rising Over Adversity, Part II

When you look back to the time when David Abreu asked Tanner Thorson if he wanted to try to make a career in racing, it is a question that takes on a different character depending on one’s age.
Tanner Thorson

Tanner Thorson: Rising Over Adversity, Part I

When Tanner Thorson thinks about the aftermath of a highway crash on California’s Highway 99 15 months ago, he draws one firm conclusion.
A Look Back At

A Look Back At Indiana Midget Week

As the start of the 16th annual Indiana Midget Week drew closer, the name Kyle Larson was on the mind of every competitor and fan.


Not all trips leading to an open-wheel racing career are smooth, and Hoosier State native Dustin Clark can certainly second that statement.
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Canadian Sprint Car Nationals Rules & Format Set

Ohsweken Speedway officials have finalized rules, format, and purse information for the 15th annual Canadian Sprint Car Nationals, set for Sept. 13-14.


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