Shebester Tops Elite Non-Wing Foes At RPM

Shebester Tops Elite
Steven Shebester in victory lane. (Mike Petty photo)

CRANDALL, Texas – Wheeling the Ray Williams/City Vending No. 22x on Friday night, Oklahoma’s Steven Shebester added his name to the record books with his first ASCS Elite Non-Wing Series presented by Abilene Powder Coating victory at RPM Speedway.

After going from fifth to first in the opening heat race, Shebester drew the right of the third row for the A-Feature.

Getting up to third before a caution, and eventually a red working lap two, the No. 22x threaded the needle for the runner-up spot as Jason Howell shot by Stephen Smith for the lead.

Trying the lower groove briefly the following lap, Shebester returned to the cushion with the pass for the point on through turns one and two with five laps complete.

Keeping pace through the remainder of the A-Feature, Shebester was chased to the line by Raven Culp, who worked to the runner-up spot from eighth. Howell slipped back to third, with Paul White fourth and Smith completing the top five.

Scott Evans was sixth, followed by Justin Zimmerman. Justin Fifield crossed eighth, with Chase Parson coming in ninth and Gary Floyd making up nine spots to finish 10th.

The finish:

1. 22X-Steven Shebester, [6]; 2. 3-Raven Culp, [8]; 3. 44-Jason Howell, [4]; 4. 1-Paul White, [5]; 5. 3S-Stephen Smith, [3]; 6. 118-Scott Evans, [7]; 7. 1X-Justin Zimmerman, [2]; 8. 49-Justin Fifield, [11]; 9. 57-Chase Parson, [9]; 10. 48-Gary Floyd, [19]; 11. 98J-Jarrod Jennings, [12]; 12. 15-Johnny Miller, [16]; 13. 21-Michelle Melton, [1]; 14. 45-Martin Edwards, [13]; 15. 12.5-James Griffin, [20]; 16. 54-David Sherry, [21]; 17. 2-Michael Day, [10]; 18. 48N-Jason Ingalls, [17]; 19. 52-J.D. Fry, [14]; 20. 13M-Chance McCrary, [18]; 21. 33-Mike Merrell, [15]


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